Advantages of Menthol Flavored E-Cigs

If you are a menthol smoker you should really consider switching to an menthol flavored ecig for your health.  Besides helping you cut back on regular smoking and saving you money there are many more advantages to menthol electronic cigarettes than traditional cigarettes.

Variety is the spice of life,

This is definitely true with electronic cigarettes.  You can grab disposable menthol flavored e cigs for cheap and spend just a fraction of the money it would cost to buy multiple packs of cigarettes. Not only that you can experiment with different menthol flavors. Since electronic cigarettes companies produce multiple flavors of menthol you can pick up a different flavor of disposable ecig or try new menthol flavors regularly.

Another advantage to menthol electronic cigs is that if you but a rechargeable kit you can order different kinds of flavored cartridges you can swap out. You could get some with heavier nicotine levels and stronger menthol flavor to ones that are weaker or have hybrid flavors like “Berry Ice”.  You can easily carry both and get what you want based on what you feel like, say your stress levels are high and you need a lot of nicotine.  Or it is the end of the night and you just need a little and don’t want a strong menthol taste.  E-cigs can accommodate you in the way where traditional cigarettes can not.

Switching to and ecig has its advantages in itself that you may have not considered.

Does anyone like these qualities associated with smoking? Electronic Cigarettes wont give you any of the following:

- Smokers Breath

- Smoker Cough

- Nicotine Stains on your Fingers and Teeth

- Smelly Clothes

- Stinky Car and Apartment

- Dirty Ashtray

- Extra Dust from Cigarettes

- Weak Lungs and Windpower

- Limites Places you Can Smoke

The list goes on and on while smoking becomes more and more taboo it is becoming more expensive and harder to find places to smoke. Electronic Cigs can take care of all these issues for you and still get you your nicotine fix.

After switching I noticed within just a few days the stale smoke smell didn’t follow me around, I can only imagine what I smelled like to other people. Not only that I have noticed a lot of extra cash hanging out in my pocket and everyone likes extra cash.

I really love exploring and trying all kinds of menthol flavors being offered for e-cigs. There is a growing number and I would say the taste is getting a lot better. Not to mention my lungs feel great and I don’t feel like I am going to hack up a lung every morning anymore. I find my ecig to be convenient in ways cigarettes are not.

Sometimes I feel just like a quick fix, a few quick puffs then back into the pocket.  With cigarettes once I lit one I felt compelled to smoke the whole thing, especially at what they cost. Because of this I swear I am actually smoking less overall and never get nervous waiting for my next smoke break or have to worry about when or where I can smoke next.

Melon flavor is NOT the best e-cig flavor

I saw the post from the girl who said Melon is a good flavor for electronic cigarettes. It is definitely NOT one of the better flavors. Srsly. I have found the best flavors are ‘the proud horses’ of the hookah smoking world/culture. Namely:


  • Mint/menthol

  • Apple

  • Rose


  • Cinnamon

  • Cherry

  • Strawberry


Again, I do not know what brand this girl is smoking or why she is living in a dumpster, but I can PROMISE you these e-cig flavors are way better than melon or white grape. I understand that a lot of people who mod e-cigs are also potheads and probably like white grape because it reminds them of blunts, but listen up people:


That is like picking out a beer that tastes like a bourbon – it makes absolutely no sense and all that is happening is that some marketing puke has fooled you into thinking that you want something that is like something else rather than letting you figure out what you actually like. It is the same with e-cig flavors. Trust your tongue and let your spirit be your guide. I know that sounds kind of hippy dippy but I am not the one living in the dumpster, so take it FWIW.


What is menthol?

fresh growng mint, white background

For those of you who do not know, Menthol is a organic chemical compound obtained from peppermint or mint oils.  It gives you a cooling minty flavor.

Menthol cigarettes were first introduced into the United States market back in 1924.

Most of you who smoke cigarettes know the menthol flavored cigarettes by the brand, Kool.  Kool was created in 1933 and has made great strides as being the premier menthol cigarette.

In the United States, 33.9% of the smoking population smoke menthol flavored cigarettes.  That is not much when you compared 60% of the people who smoke in the Philippines smoke Menthol cigarettes.


Hello Menthol Lovers!

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